A lexicon of knife terminiology

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A lexicon of knife terminology: Section V
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Vanadium:  Vanadium is a carbide former added to steel additive that contributes to wear resistance blade hardness and edge keeping capabilities.  

VG-10: A cutlery quality steel made by Takefu Special Steel co of Japan. Its prpoerties are Carbon:1.0% Chromium:15.0% Molybdenum:1.0% Vanadium:0.2% Cobalt:1.5% The steel is used by Spyderco and Kershaw. It was orginally designed for kitchen cutlery but quickly was adopted for sport and survival cutlery. It is often referred to a "Super Steel" due to its quality.

Victorinox: Victorinox is a knife maker in Switzerland most famous for the Original Swiss Army Knife. It is headquartered in Ibach. Victorinox is the largest producer of knives in Europe, perhaps in the World.  They also currently own the Wenger Company, producers of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife. Knives marked Victoria or Victorinox are manufactured in Switzerland.

Victorinox can opener:  A patented can opener blade until recently found only on Victorinox knives that also has a small screw driver tip on the end that will work with many Phillips type screws.

Vintage: Vintage is an ill-defined and therefore meaningless term used to sell knives. It might mean the knife is 20 years old or just no longer in production.  You should view such claims with caution if you’re buying and if you’re selling try to use more specific terms when describing your knife.  Terms such as vintage are used quite often at online auction sites such as eBay.

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