A lexicon of knife terminiology

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A lexicon of knife terminology: Section Z
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Zamak (Zamack) : A trademark name for any variety of Zinc alloys sometimes used in the production of knife scales. Zamak  is zinc alloy with  around 3-5% aluminum added as well as a small percentage of Copper and magnesium.  It is disparagingly called “pot metal”. Despite the claims I have never seen it used for blade steel. When it comes to knives, zamak is often used for knife handles, cross-bars hilts, etc. instead of more expensive metals such as brass, aluminum or 420 stainless steel. It has the dull luster of pewter but is sometimes electroplated with brass to give it a brass finish. It is a soft, brittle metal which does not stand up to harsh use.

Zebra Wood: A hard dense wood that comes from Africa and is naturally striped in a zebra like pattern. It is used as a handle material.

Zytel: A DuPont trade name for an impact resistant thermoplastic polyamide composed of nylon and fiberglass. Zytel is often used as a knife handle especially in tactical folders.

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