A lexicon of knife terminiology

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The purpose of this lexicon is to provide the most common terms that the novice will run into when beginning their adventures in knife collecting.  It is arranged by number and then alphabetical order. It is impossible to give a comprehensive list of all knife terms but this will give you enough information so you can hum a few bars and fake it and possibly prevent you from buying a piece of over-priced junk.

Most dealers describe knives by the handle pattern or blade configuration or both (toothpick, trapper).  Some terms used to describe knives are pure nonsense (surgical steel).   By using the lexicon you’ll have a clearer understanding of some of the most commonly used knife terms so that you can make an informed decision.

The Lexicon also gives brief information on a few brand names however more information is found in the Who Own Who section

For ease of use and space considerations, the lexicon is arranged by number or alphabetically by term.

A Lexicon of Knife Terminology
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